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Friday, March 25, 2011

Maddi Jane is very cute and adorable!

Luahan hati Salimah Ismail

Hahaha. Do you know who is Maddi Jane? She's not you next door neighbour or your primary school old friend.She is a young singer who shows her talents through Youtube.She's just 13 years old. From my opinion,she is very cute ad pretty. Not only that, her voice Marvelous!Superb and Fabulous! Cukup rasa. Manis masam masin semua cukup. Haha. Serius kot. Suare dia merdu laa walaupun belum matang lagi. (grr. tak pasti laa pulak. Kalau kat sini baru darjah lima kan?Ntohh.haha)

So here are some pictures of Maddi Jane which i kidnapped from her fan page. Sorry Maddi :)

She's cute right!

Suara dia memang power!Cara penyampaian dia pun bagus. She's like telling story to her listeners.


She sing "Breakeven" by The Script on Ellen Degeneres Show

My favourite cover from her:

Ada lagi 4 cover dia.. Korang boleh usha kat youtube channel dia.

Salimah Ismail♥

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